Book of the month

Ouch! That Sterotype Hurts By: Leslie C. Aguilar

I recommend reading this book. It is an easy read - took me about an hour. It basically covers how to communicate respectfully in a diverse world. We all are guilty of stereotyping groups of people at some degree and don't realize the negative outcome. Once you realize you have offended someone, the first thing you need to do is recognize what you have done or said and apologize - and it should be sincere - then move on. Steotypes vary in range from categorizing folks as "computer geeks" to more offensive categories by telling "race/gender" jokes. In summary, you need to respect folks that are different from you - this holds true in all communications: the workplace and social gatherings.

Article of the month

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

Daily effects of white privilege Elusive and fugitive Earned strength, unearned power "I was taught to see racism only in individual acts of meanness, not in invisible systems conferring dominance on my group" Peggy McIntosh